I have been an outdoor/landscape photographer for many years, with the emphasis being on the sheer beauty of what this country has to offer everyone. There is more than a bit of bias towards landscapes and the great outdoors here!

My overriding passion is to photograph hills, mountains, lakes, reservoirs, waterfalls, the coast, woodlands; in fact any landscape that shows its beauty off to both myself shooting it and others too. Whilst I try hard to cover all four seasons to show the amazing changes to the landscape from Spring through to Winter, I am not always able to reach locations for all four. That said, I will be treating this project very much as a ‘Work in Progress’.

The United Kingdom has an incredible and varied amount of wild and open landscapes to explore and photograph, from Scotland right down through England and into Wales. I have no real favourite areas but do love the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District, the Pembrokeshire Coast and the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall.  It is a never ending labour but nonetheless a true labour of love.

I really hope you enjoy my prints and very much look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any queries or questions about the portfolio just drop me an email or give me a call:

Email – sales@freespiritprints.co.uk
Mob – 07876 624185
Landline – 02920 890930